Office library 3My name is Jennifer Touma and I’m a Leadership Coach, Speaker, Black-belt Martial Artist and the author of Moment of Impact: Harness the Explosive Power of Three to Maximize Your Mind, Life and Business. My book, coaching, training and speaking  focuses on achieving positive self-direction, that is the essence of intentional leadership – how to intentionally influence your thinking and feelings rather than allowing the moment, others or external circumstances to dictate your response.

My mission is to develop intentional leaders who inspire change. My goal in everything I do is to be transformational.

To affect change and transformation, coach, train, speak and write on personal development, intentional leadership, positive self-direction, right thinking and mental toughness.

We work and live in uncertain times and spend more time than we care to in a less than dynamic business environment.  As a result, many professionals nationwide experience workplace frustrations, bullying, interpersonal conflicts, career obstacles and self-imposed limitations that weaken their personal brand of leadership, self-image and diminished job effectiveness.

A job title is just a label. “Leader” is a reputation, which means you personally have to earn it.

Take a look at the video below which features one of my signature workshops Developing Intentional Leaders through the Power of Three.

The focus of this workshop helps participants develop into mentally tough intentional leaders by leveraging the Power of Three.

This workshop helps business leaders discover their own unique powerfully persuasive brand of leadership that drives individual and organizations to excellence and effectiveness. Learn how to acquire the knowledge, skills and tools to

• Leverage the Power of Three – Self-management, Thinking and Mental Strength – to build mental toughness, crucial to intentional leadership
• Sustain productive and engaged employees
• Recognize the relationship between emotion and logic and know how to balance both in everyday situations

If you are a mid-level manager —or aspire to be,  and want to develop intentional leadership, positive self-direction, right thinking, and mental toughness that will make a difference in your own life. contact me here or call (603) 818-9209.

Let’s see if there’s a synergy between your goals and the benefits we offer.

I’m also expanding my writing, and created a blog for intentional leaders, Moments of Impact. It’s about personal development, intentional leadership, positive self-direction, awareness, right thinking, mental toughness.

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