Office library 3My name is Jennifer Touma and I’m a Leadership & Mental Toughness Coach, Speaker, Black-belt Martial Artist and the author of Moment of Impact: Harness the Explosive Power of Three to Maximize Your Mind, Life and Business. 

My training, coaching, speaking , book and blog focuses on building leadership strength and personal presence through mental toughness. This enables you

  • To get through critical moments of performance when you feel you are close to folding under the pressure
  • A toughness that pushes you through hard situations including bouncing back from the “bumps in the road” or strategically adjusting tactical solutions to improve team performance
  • To withstand the unexpected diverse challenges of management and appear calm, confident and in control

If you are a mid-level manager —or aspire to be,  and want to develop intentional leadership through mental toughness that will make a difference in your career/job, review the video below that features one of my signature workshops Developing Intentional Leaders through the Power of Three. Learn more, contact me here or call  (603) 818-9209.

Let’s see if there’s a synergy between your goals and the benefits we offer.