Why Building Leadership Strength through Mental Toughness℠  Matters 

MT pressure and deliver


Women (and men) who are mentally tough prime themselves for long term success. 


It is the difference which makes one leader highly effective and another average, given the same situation; and one leader to succumb and another to thrive when faced with challenge and pressure.

Mental Toughness is “The ability to work through the challenge and face adversity, manage emotions, thinking and attitude, to respond resiliently to failure and disappointment, it is the inner strength that enables individuals to follow-through and stick to their desired passions and goals.”

If any of these statements describes you, then you need to build your leadership strength through Mental Toughness: 

o   You feel yourself falling off the management ladder as you move up the ranks.
o   You feel the deck is stacked against you from the start, often dissuading you from applying for promotions and better opportunities.
o  You tend to hold back, fearful of being perceived as too assertive and being branded a ‘bitch’.
o  You experience low self-confidence that hampers you in work-related situations and brands you as a weak leader.
o  You find yourself reluctant to speak out when bullied.
o  You feel intimidated by the common viewpoint in business that women are less than equal.
o  Your male coworkers don’t take you seriously.

Although the reasons may differ, by failing to empower your inner leader through mental toughness, you limit your potential, preventing you from ever knowing true success.

How many times did you come close to your breakthrough moment only to turn back because you feared what could be possible for you?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, feel worthy of tremendous success, and feel more in control of your destiny, you must draw on your psychological preparedness, a toughness to get you through critical moments of performance. This brand of toughness pushes you through hard situations when you might otherwise feel like folding under pressure.

Learn more about Building Leadership Strength through Mental Toughness℠ for Women and let’s talk about how we can work together to help you

  • Improve your own ability to ‘level the playing field’ in business
  • Remove the ‘glass cage’ you find yourself working in
  • Better manage your emotions, thinking and mindset
  • Learn how to mentally prime yourself for long term success

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